Rogue on the Road!

The Rogue’s Road to Retirement: On The Road…!!!

Hi everyone,

Since the book launch 1/6/2015 we’ve been busy. The first book signing at R.J. Julia was well attended (70+). I spoke about the book and read Chapters 21 (“Love Above All” about Yale high jinx), Chapter 24 (“Dad And The Pewter Tankard” about memories of my dad) and the Epilogue. While wine and snacks were served, I engaged the audience in a writing exercise, asking anyone who wanted to participate to write a 200-word essay about a small antique doll suitcase with ornate carrying straps supplied by daughter Jenny. “What’s inside and where did it come from?” Ten volunteered and later read their stories. Lots of good prose! You can watch the reading here:

On February 13th I was invited to tell the story of “The Rogue” for Channel 8, WTNH, New Haven’s ABC affiliate, for their daily Connecticut Style show, which aired on 2/16. The interviewers were wonderful, and my seven minutes on camera were a great first time experience. The temperature was – 4 when Jenny and I arrived. Brrrrr. Here’s the interview!!


On February 22, financial and retirement blogger extraordinaire Jennie Phipps featured me and The Rogue’s Road in her fantastic retirement blog for Bankrate, which reaches 13 million users every month!

So far I have been booked for six book signing engagements in March and early April, first I will be reading at the Fairfield University bookstore on March 12th at 1:30pm. On March 15th, I’ll be speaking at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Essex – stay tuned for the exact time. I’m also due to speak to several seniors centers and another bookstore in upcoming weeks.

Thanks to Dorothy and Jenny, all I have to do is show up!! As improbable as writing a book seemed three years ago, this Road has turned into my high-speed expressway. I urge you all to pick up the pen and write your stories, and if you need encouragement, give me a call!

If you’d like to give a review, you can do so at the following websites. I would really appreciate it!

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The Best Is Yet to Come!!

The Rogue!!

8 Day Book Update and News

It has been a busy time at 22 Curiosity Lane. A week ago yesterday 1/31/2015, I had my first book signing at R.J. Julia in Madison, CT. Jenny, Dorothy, Stan and Laurie Pinover, and the staff pitched in, organized and catered a very well-attended event. (More than 70 people in the crowd!!) I spoke a bit and read 3 chapters. Jenny helped conduct a writing exercise with great success.

Jenny reports a firsthand sighting “The Rogue’s Road To Retirement” on the bookshelves of Barnes and Noble in Union Square in NYC, and in Westport, CT. I’m scheduled to be interviewed on ABC’s affiliate in New Haven WTNH later this week. (The piece will be taped — will let you know when it is due to air.) Amazon and (and some Walmart stores) are also stocking the book.

I have five additional signings arranged through March with several more scheduled for later this summer on Long Island. From dead in the water to all ahead flank, this has been a wonderful trip. The best is yet to come.

Many of you have been kind enough to ask how you can help. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to share your thoughts about the book on the following websites. It helps readers who don’t know anything about The Rogue’s Road to Retirement decide to take the plunge and give it a whirl. If you are moved to review The Rogue in a sentence or two, you can do so at the following links!!!

Amazon website (scroll half-way down page to customer reviews)
Barnes & Noble website (scroll half-way down page to customer reviews)
Good Reads

Thanks to all who have helped along the way! I thank you, my family thanks you and Marybeth our cat thanks you!



The Rogue at Barnes & Noble in Union Square, NYC, February 2015

The Rogue at Barnes & Noble in Union Square, NYC, February 2015

The Rogue at Barnes & Noble in Westport, CT Feb. 2015

The Rogue at Barnes & Noble in Westport, CT Feb. 2015

The Rogue Reporting In…!

Hi everyone, hope your 2015 is fun and full of mischief so far. I want to thank you all for being so supportive of the launch of The Rogue’s Road to Retirement. It’s been quite a ride, and we’re just getting started.

Our big news is that I am giving my first reading – our official launch! – next Saturday at the famous R.J. Julia book store in Madison, CT… a wonderful and influential independent bookstore in the area. Please come, one and all, if you can. The reading starts at 2pm on 1/31. Please RSVP at the following link, as we will be having a reception (wine will be served!) and want to make sure we have ample adult beverages at hand.

The book is also starting to get covered by the media. The Hartford Courant had a nice mention this week:

And our great local paper The Shoreline Times interviewed me. Stay tuned… I’ll send the article around when it’s out.

We’ve had some terrific reader reviews on The Rogue’s page. Here are the latest two:

“I guess I should quit whining and start wineing! This book gives me something to look forward to, fun and moving, kind of what I hope I am when I hit George’s age!” – Michael W. Morse

“George’s positive attitude is contagious. He shares his experiences with a perfect balance between wisdom and wit.” – Bob

If you’d like to give a review, you can do so at the following websites. Much appreciated!

Link to Amazon page

The Rogue is also out and about on social media. Thanks to everyone for “liking” the book’s Facebook page. We have almost 350 followers. Yeah! And I’ve learned to tweet! Who knew? You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Woof!

But perhaps the most fulfilling part of this whole experience is the opportunity it’s given me to reconnect with so many friends from so many different periods of my life. Thank you so much for your support – I am overwhelmed by the calls and emails I’ve received wishing me luck with The Rogue’s Road and cheering me on. I sincerely hope that I can help you as you pursue your big dreams as much as you’ve helped me… one thing I’ve learned at this time in my life is this: seize the day and go for it. I’m living proof you can make any crazy pipedream come true if you have the right attitude, an extraordinarily patient wife and family, and a great escape hatch (thank you, Black Seal!).

Enjoy your weekend and THANK YOU, The Rogue!

Launch Day!!

A book is born!! The Rogue’s Road To Retirement officially launches today. Ta-Dah! How exciting. I got out of bed this morning at 5:30 AM. The house was like a mausoleum. The temperature outside was a bone-chilling 12 degrees.

I moved quickly to my freezing office, turning on lights and cranking the heat way up. Thank God for my extra heavy robe and slippers. I’ve been waiting for this day to dawn since July 2013.

I fully expected that I would look out my office window to see a stretch limo in our driveway parked and ready to whisk me to New York in time for breakfast with my editors and the publisher, followed by the mid-town ticker tape parade with open touring cars for me and all the other authors who share the same launch date. I even envisioned the brass band and the Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleaders prancing behind, while overhead two Piper Cubs were flying trailing signs with my book title emblazoned on both sides.

Was I expecting too much? Who me?

It’s now 8:19. No limo! Not even an email. Dorothy just refilled my coffee cup. Jenny’s arrived to help set up some media interviews later in the week. The morning’s been quiet, but it’s still one of the best days of my life – and I am so grateful to everyone who has helped me get here. (Thank you, you know who you are!) Now I’m going back to bed for while, for a long winter’s nap. The fireworks and hoopla will have to wait for a while – this Rogue has had enough excitement for one day!

Thanks! George

Rogue’s Road Audiobook – listen to free sample :)

Hi everyone,

Need a laugh? The audiobook for The Rogue’s Road to Retirement just came out (if you prefer audio to hard copies). You can listen to a fun sample of it at the link below, and/or order it below – it comes in a digital format you can download onto your computer and then burn it onto a CD if you so desire: (I can’t believe I vaguely understand what all this technical stuff means — you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Woof!)

The actor who voiced the audiobook was great to work with. Thank you, Allan!

“Allan Robertson has narrated a wide variety of nonfiction titles covering such diverse areas of interest as economics, politics, science, history, and philosophy. Erich Fromm’s You Shall Be as Gods is a highlight. He has also narrated fiction covering genres from modern poetic reinterpretation of ancient classics to contemporary fantasy novels. He has narrated biographies of Charles Darwin, John Muir, Teddy Roosevelt, and the golf savant Homer Kelly. Robertson is an accomplished stage actor with extensive credits in classical theater and new works.”

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season full of family, friends and all sorts of roguish fun. Ho! Ho!

Thank you, George

Santa Goes Rogue

Two days ago the date was 12/13/14. A similar sequence will not take place again for 20 years. But there’s another date looming larger on my radar-scope – 1/6/2015 – the day of my book release. “THE ROGUE’S ROAD TO RETIREMENT” will be christened and launched!

For last minute Christmas shoppers here’s a thought. You can preorder the book at the links below for your long-in-the-tooth loved one, and it will show up just in time for that blissful period after your kids and grandkids and granddogs have gone home, and you can sit by the fire in peace, sipping Scotch without anyone lecturing you on your health or “setting a good example” for the young ones (as though they haven’t already proven they’re utterly untrainable after descending like swarms of locusts and eating every crumb in the house and reprogramming every remote control), and you can read uninterrupted and with abandon. Why not read about the mischievous misadventures of a fellow comrade-in-arms in the war against getting old and decrepit and—worst of all, BORING.

This posting was approved by “The Jury Of My Peers,” Dorothy, Jenny, and Heather, Chris and Shelly at the Black Seal!

Thanks and best,


Link to Amazon:

Link to Barnes & Noble:

Six Weeks ‘Til Showtime!!

Hi everyone! I have not abandoned my blog. Quite the contrary, I have incorporated some of the entries in my soon-to-be-published book, “The Rogue’s Road To Retirement.” We are now in the final phase of publishing. The release date is 1/6/2015. The edits are complete, and we have received the printed manuscript and cover design.

What a process! Now the fun begins. The audio book folks have been in touch and have chosen a terrific actor to narrate it. I am enclosing a link to Skyhorse Publishing’s book description and a look at the book jacket, as well as a link to where you can buy the book on Amazon.

My daughter Jenny is helping me gear up with my agent and editor for the sales part of the process. Jenny has become quite the “stage daughter,” telling me to slim down and “stay on message.” My son-in-law, who is a great guy, is supporting me at every turn – and building me my own website! If anyone has an idea for readings and signings, please get in touch. Your suggestions will be much appreciated.

I’m working on another book in the meantime. This has been and continues to be a thrill at every turn.

Thanks to all of you for all of your help and support.

George “The Red Rogue”


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